College drama! Young upstart hopes to beat King Kruger

College drama! Young upstart hopes to beat King Kruger

State Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Sheepshead Bay) didn’t have an opponent in this year’s Democratic Primary, but he’ll be embroiled in the David vs. Goliath showdown on Nov. 2 as voters choose between the notorious legislator and 19-year-old (yes, we said 19) Avrahom Rosenberg, a Midwood resident and full-time Touro College student running on the Conservative line. We caught up with the young upstart this week:

Courier Life: Let’s get this straight: You’re 19? Shouldn’t you be out on dates and attending college parties instead of running for office?

Avrahom Rosenberg: I go to college, but I felt that there was a need to run and see how this government works. I want to take a stand against the elected officials who aren’t serving our interests.

CL: It’s no secret that Kruger has many critics, but, specifically, what’s your beef with the man?

AR: There’s the allegations of corruption, but my major criticism of Kruger is that he hasn’t done anything for his constituents. People have sent him messages asking for his help and they haven’t gotten a response back.

CL: But how do you plan to beat a guy like Kruger as a Conservative in a sea of Democrats?

AR: I’m a registered Republican, but I have a Democratic platform, like fighting for Medicaid and social programs that will help everyone. No one’s against me because of my party affiliation. They don’t see my party as a problem. They’re just happy someone’s running against Carl Kruger.

CL: But party politics is a big problem in Albany. Right now, Democrats outnumber Republicans in the senate chamber, but only by two. If you’re elected, where do you see yourself fitting in?

AR: I would probably lean toward the Republican side, but I see myself more of a swing vote. I want to help both parties get over their differences and begin agreeing on things so they’ll see what they’re supposed to do — represent the people.

CL: That’s a very collegiate answer. Wait a minute … is your whole election some kind of class project?

AR: No, it’s not. But I get asked that a lot.