Cops nab two rapists in separate attacks

Police swiftly arrested two rapists in Williamsburg this week, including one suspect who allegedly forced himself on a 13-year-old girl.

Cops say that the perp lured the new teenager into his apartment on Broadway near Marcy Avenue on Oct. 7 and sexually assaulted her.

The girl fled the 9 am incident and rushed straight to the 90th Precinct stationhouse, where a community affairs officer took her to nearby Woodhull Hospital for treatment.

Three days later, another perp sexually assaulted a 31-year-old woman at 4 am in his friend’s apartment in Borinquen Plaza, a public housing building near Bushwick Avenue. She went to the police later that morning and was also treated at Woodhull.

Cops moved in quickly to nab the men, according to Officer Juan Roman of the 90th Precinct.

“They were arrested so quickly because we had all the information from the victim,” Roman said.

The two rapes bring the number of attacks this year in Williamsburg and Bushwick’s 90th Precinct to seven, already more than the six that occurred all of last year.

Overall crime is down about two percent compared to the same period last year, but robberies are up six percent and car theft is up more than seven percent so far this year.