Cops: This Julio Iglesias is a bad man

Cops: This Julio Iglesias is a bad man

A bloodthirsty gunman with the same name as a renowned crooner was arrested last month is racking up a body count.

Prosecutors said that this Julio Iglesias, age 19, was arrested for an ealier homicide in 2009 shortly after he was caught gunning a man down on March 23. A grand jury was currently mulling over both cases.

“I guess he should have taken up singing,” one high-ranking police source joked as he identified the younger Iglesias as a gang member. Both killings may have been gang-related, the source said.

Prosecutors allege that Iglesias opened fire on two men in Sunset Park during a 4 am skirmish on Sept. 20, 2009, killing Carlos Flores De La Rosa. The second man he shot at survived, officials said.

Five months later, two cops actually saw Iglesias shoot 19-year-old Gavin Torres at the corner of Avenue J and East 12th Street.

Police Officers Christopher Deats and Allison Rodriguez of the 70th Precinct were patrolling Coney Island Avenue at 12:15 am when they heard a single gunshot. They turned onto Avenue J, where they allegedly found Iglesias firing two more shots at Torres.

Officers Deats and Rodriguez identified themselves and chased Iglesias around the corner, where they saw him ditch both his gun and a knife.

They ultimately grabbed Iglesias, taking him into custody, Inspector Ralph Monteforte, the commanding officer of the 70th Precinct, explained.

“They heard a gunshot and go to where the shot was fired from,” Monteforte told the 70th Precinct Community Council. “They start chasing him, but they don’t know if this guy’s going to turn the gun on them and start firing. That’s heroic in itself.”

Iglesias is currently in jail, waiting for the grand jury to render its decision.

As such, at press time, he has not been sent to Sing Sing.