Cops to target Park Slope egg bandit

Hard-boiled cops are vowing to step up patrols in order to scramble Park Slope’s egg-tossing bandit.

The egg fiend has been terrorizing the Park Slope dog run in Washington Park, randomly hurling eggs from somewhere in the adjacent Novo building, at Fourth Avenue and Fourth Street.


“My dog barked at the other dog, as dogs do, and suddenly an egg came from the sky landing on the ground next to my husband. He’s sure that if it had hit him, he would have been hurt,” one near victim recently told the blog Brownstoner.

Cops at the 78th Precinct are mindful of the blog chatter.“We are aware of it — and we’ll be addressing it,” vowed Lt. Patrick Diskin of the 78th Precinct. He said throwing eggs could be dangerous, particularly if a person is struck.“If someone is injured, it’s an assault” he noted.Despite the danger, dog owners aren’t walking on eggshells, and like local resident Sandy Endy, continue to use the dog run. But, she said, her hope is that security cameras are installed, potentially catching the perp egg-handed. “Somebody could really get hurt,” she said.

Dogs will sometimes get rambunctious — but that’s no reason to take matters into one’s own hands, she said. “Occasionally, a dog barks a lot — and none of us like it,” she said. “But whoever is doing it [throwing eggs] should just call the cops instead.”

The run, which is bifurcated to accommodate small dogs, and all dogs, was created to be accessible 24 hours a day, even though the official closing time of the park as is 10 p.m., according to the blog.

Local resident and pooch owner Robin Tilem said the dog run is a welcome addition to the neighborhood — it’s the hurler that’s rotten egg.“Our dogs act with more decorum than some people do,” she said. “There is obviously someone in that building who is disturbed and needs help.”

Pam Brown, president of the South Slope Dog Owners Association, shared Tilem’s concern — for the perpetrator. “I’m suspicious about the person’s mental health,” she said. Brown, who doesn’t use the 4th Street dog run, said the issue has little to do with the dogs. “Generally speaking, most people aren’t throwing eggs out of their window,” she added.

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