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Craigsthief preys on the naive with ‘paid shopper’ ploy

Is this Craigslist post a scam? Who knows! But cops at the 90th Precinct are tracking at least one thief who makes outrageous promises — and then bilks his clients.

If a job sounds too good to be true — it probably is, according to cops at Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct.

Several North Brooklynites have been the repeat victims of an online scam that preys on people who are looking for a dream job as a “paid shopper,” said the precinct’s crime prevention officer, Thomas Brown.

The scheme starts with a Craigslist post offering jobs whose main requirement is that workers shop ’til they drop — with the promise that all the purchases will be reimbursed.

Of course, what actually happens is a bit different.

The victims shell out hard cash for household appliances and clothing — and then are compensated with a check that is actually larger than the amount they spent.

The victim — who doesn’t know he’s a victim yet — is then instructed to deposit the check and wire the excess cash back to the company.

Of course, when the check bounces, the victim is not only out whatever amount he sent to the company, but he’s also holding the bag on the bounced check fee!

“If one person gets hooked, these guys make their money,” said Brown, who claimed that the scam appears on Craigslist once or twice per month.

One recent Division Avenue resident lost $3,486 to the scam artists between Feb. 21 and March 23, police reports indicate.

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