Deciding this eel’s name was elementary, dear Wattson

Deciding this eel’s name was elementary, dear Wattson
Photo by Julie Larsen Maher

What a shocker!

The New York Aquarium named its new electric eel “Wattson” on Monday, ending an online naming contest that saw people send in more than 1,500 submissions last month after the freshwater fish was unveiled at Coney Island’s seaside museum.

The name refers to the high-wattage jolt the species produces to kill its prey — a current so strong it can even kill humans.

The aquarium’s staff chose Wattson over less-scientific-sounding suggestions like Tra-volt-a and Sparky.

“We received so many creative suggestions, it was a challenge to choose a winner,” said Jon Dohlin, the aquarium’s director.

Electric eels can grow to 6-feet and are native to the Amazonian basin.

Wattson is on display year-round in the aquarium’s Explore the Shore exhibit, which also includes a hands-on fish tank and a simulated 400-gallon tidal wave.