A new adult toy, lingerie and video shop on Sheepshead Bay Road is turning heads — and angering some neighbors — thanks to a provocative window display that features busty mannequins and bottles of lube.

“I don’t like any of it,” said Pearl Rosen, a septuagenarian who was walking past the shop this week. “They shouldn’t have this disgusting stuff on display.”

And that’s after a worker inside KamaSutra, between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway, said that the window display has already been toned down.

“We took away the dildos,” said the employee, who refused to give his name. “We don’t want any trouble.”

The sex shop, which opened on Aug. 3, got residents riled thanks to its window dispay featuring an assortment of bongs, lubricants and penis-topped tiaras. But days later, the fake penises were removed, the worker said, after residents and merchants complained.

Still, what remains is eye-popping for a street which is home to cellphone stores, Japanese restaurants and medical offices — and what’s inside could raise some eyebrows, and, possibly, some other things. 😉

The store — the first of its kind in Sheepshead Bay — carries an assortment of lollipops shaped as life- and larger-than-life-sized penises, clear heels with a slot for dollar bills in the platform, and plenty of women’s lingerie so skimpy it could be mistaken for dental floss. There’s also a variety of rabbit-style vibrators bedazzled with rhinestones.

Controversies over sex shops — and their titillating displays — operating on local shopping strips is nothing new. There is a racy shop on Coney Island Avenue between Quentin Road and Avenue P, whose window display was also salacious, then toned down.

“We had a situation like this when a similar store opened,” said Community Board 15 Chairwoman Theresa Scavo. “People complained so they removed all the stuff from the window.”

Still, while some folks were turned off by KamaSutra’s salacious inventory, there are those who say it’s all in good fun.

“It doesn’t bother me,” said Tom Irizzary, while having a beer down the block at Wheeler’s bar. “I think it’s funny that they got all that stuff in the window.”

But not all merchants on the block are sold on the strip’s latest addition.

“Even with it being across the street from my store, it’s scaring parents and kids away,” said Alex Baysam, the manager of Arbuz, a frozen yogurt shop across the street. “I’m just thankful that it’s not next door to me.”

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