Double trouble on Warren

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Double trouble

A thief snatched an iPhone from a woman on Warren Street on Aug. 7 — and then another thief made his move in the ensuing confusion.

The woman told cops that she was between Smith and Hoyt streets at around 12:30 pm when the first thief swiped the fancy smartphone from her hands.

When the victim then gave chase, she dropped her purse, giving an opportunistic thug the chance to pick it up and remove $100.

The victim got a good look at the second creep, but cops were unable to catch either jerk.


A thief broke into the Unique Clothing Store on Fulton Street and stole more than $5,500 from the safe on Aug. 2.

An employee at the store told cops that he was last at the store at Lawrence Street at around 6:50 pm. When he returned three days later, he realized that the cash was missing from the safe.


At least three more iPhones were stolen in the 84th Precinct. Here’s a rundown:

• A thief snatched the gadget phone out of a woman’s hand on Bergen Street on Aug. 2. The victim said she was at Bond Street at around 7:10 pm when the bandit made his move.

• A thief snatched the desirable phone from a woman while she chatted on Wyckoff Street on Aug. 5. The thug made his move between Court and Smith streets at around 2:15 pm.

•A bandit broke into a Bergen Street apartment and stole the super-cool phone on Aug. 2. The victim said that he went to sleep in his place between Third and Fourth avenues at around 1:15 am. When he awoke about six hours later, the phone was missing. He suspected the thief must have entered through a terrace door, and his backpack was found in the lobby of the building.

Limo lunacy

Two bozos robbed a limo driver on Aug. 7, but were apprehended by the boys in blue.

The driver of the unlicensed limo picked the two thugs up in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens at around 3:30 am and drove them Downtown. An argument quickly developed, culminating in the pair threatening the driver with a knife and stealing $12 from him.

As the pair demanded more cash, the driver abandoned his ride at Jay and Willoughby streets, crying for help. Witnesses then directed cops towards the Jay Street-Borough Hall subway station, where cops caught the 19- and 20-year-old suspects.

Crazy cabbie

A cabbie went berserk on his passenger after he tried to pay with a credit card on Aug. 6.

The victim told cops that he had hailed the cab in Manhattan and reached his destination at Clark and Henry streets at around 2:20 am. When he pulled out his plastic, the driver said he wanted cash and grabbed the passenger through the partition and snatched his iPod.

The victim then took off running, and the cabbie tackled him to the ground. That’s when Officer Celmira Velazquez slapped the cuffs on the disgruntled driver.

Transit terror

A thief stole a wallet from a woman’s purse while she attended a birthday party at the Transit Museum on Aug. 7.

The victim told cops she had left her purse on the floor during the party at the underground institution at Schermerhorn Street and Boerum Place at around 12:23 pm. When she returned her attention to it only minutes later, it was gone. She lost an assortment of credit cards and IDs. Surveillance cameras captured the creep making his move.

Studi-oh no!

A jerk stole an assortment of stuff from PNC Studios on Jay Street on July 31.

The worker at the studio told cops that he had last been at the studios at John Street at around 11 pm. When he returned two days later, the studio was missing two laptops and a bicycle.

Car capers

At least two cars were reported missing in the 84th Precinct last week — including one that has been gone since May!

• A woman said her car had been missing for two and a half months on Aug. 4. The owner of the 2008 Ford Explorer told cops she had last seen her car on Sands and Navy streets at around 9 pm on May 23. Apparently, after much deliberation, she decided the car wasn’t coming back, and alerted police.

• A 1987 BMW was stolen from Jay Street overnight on July 31. The owner told cops he had parked his ride on Jay Street between Water and Front streets at around 11 pm, but when he returned the next afternoon, it was gone.

— Stephen Brown

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Bonnie & Clyde

A man and a woman robbed a man opening his car door on Columbia Street on Aug. 3.

The 65-year-old victim told cops that he was entering his car near Hamilton Avenue at around 1:30 pm when the debauched duo approached, spraying Mace.

A struggle ensued, and the thieves removed a bag from inside the car that contained a document, $300, and a pair of $600 eyeglasses.

Tunnel take

Five teens robbed snatched a man’s iPhone inside the Carroll Street train station on Aug. 2.

The 37-year-old victim told cops that he was on the southbound platform under Smith and President streets at around noon when he was surrounded by five teens with bad intentions.

When one post-pubescent punk grabbed his phone, the victim wrestled with the underage thugs, to no avail.

But Transit cop Rene Soto was on the scene quicker than you can say “Steve Jobs” and arrested three of the five member crew, two aged 15, and the third aged 16-years-old.

Purloined purse

A sticky-fingered man stole a woman’s purse on Smith Street on Aug. 8 — but was collared.

The 30-year-old victim told cops she was near Warren Street at 3 am when a man managed to secret her purse. Officer Sambath Ouk quickly arrested the 40-year-old thief, who was charged with grand larceny.

IKEA swipe

Someone stole a woman’s phone and wallet from inside the Red Hook IKEA on July 31.

The 41-year-old victim told cops that she was attending to her baby in the bathroom of the store at Beard and Otsego streets at around 8 pm when she placed her phone and other property in a changing table. She left the bathroom, and returned 45 minutes later, but it was too late to recover her Blackberry, assorted credit cards and her ID.

Unhappy birthday

Someone stole a woman’s purse from a Red Hook park bench on Aug. 7.

The 34-year-old victim explained to cops that she was preparing a birthday party in the park at the corner of Lorraine and Henry streets at 11:20 am when she placed her $70 Coach-brand purse containing $200 and assorted credit cards, on a bench. By the time she realized it was missing, it was gone.

— Gary Buiso

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