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Analyzing Brain Waves with Python

January 22, noon4 pm.
$60 – $120


Neurons in your brain are constantly producing waves of electrical activity. The patterns of these brain waves change depending on what you are doing, thinking, and feeling. Neuroscientists use a variety of technologies to listen in on brain waves. These technologies have made it possible for people to control devices with their brain activity (often called brain-computer-interface), and for healthcare providers to identify electrical activity linked with brain diseases.


In this workshop, you will learn how an electroencephalogram (EEG) is used to detect waves of electrical activity in your brain. Instructors will use a home-made EEG to demonstrate an EEG recording. You will also learn how to use Python, a popular programming language, to analyze and interpret EEG data. We will turn these data into custom stylistic visualizations. You will learn how to develop a workflow that involves recording real-world data and preparing it for further analysis, essential skills for any scientist. Participants in the class will leave with a working knowledge of how to use an at-home EEG kit for gauging one’s alertness and focus.

Your registration gets you access to the live Zoom class, along with a recording of the class to view afterwards.


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New York, 10115

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