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Ask A Political Scientist: Immigration and citizenship in tough times

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July 16, 2020, 7 pm9 pm.


Every Thursday, join stand-up comedian and political scientist Andrea Jones-Rooy as she takes on today’s big questions through a political science lens. She’s got new topics, and new guest political scientists and comedians each week, and the floor is always open to questions from you.

This week’s topic: Immigration and citizenship in tough times

What does it mean to be a good democratic citizen, and who gets to become one? How do our perceived civic duties change when democracy is under threat? Where do we get our ideas about what we “ought” to do (vote? wear masks?) in the first place?

Our guest this week is Sara Wallace Goodman, Ph.D., an expert in immigration, citizenship, integration, and multiculturalism in the US and Europe. She’s joining us to talk about her recent research on the influence of partisanship on how we perceive civic duty, as well as her ongoing real-time research on partisan responses to Covid-19.

We’re joined by comedian Keith Price for an important discussion of citizenship, partisanship, multiculturalism, and our civic duty during hard times.

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