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Beautiful | JCAT Online Exhibiton

September 1, 2020September 30, 2020.


Beautiful–JCAT Online Exhibition 2020 curated by Time Out Love New York Award winner Arisa Itami (Ouchi Gallery 2016) 

[Sept. 1 2020 – Sept. 30 2020]

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When art moves people to tears, it is because art is a special existence that touches and shakes people’s beautiful souls. JCAT members are soulmates and their souls resonate with each other. Ego exists in every person, but real beauty also exists within every person in the form of a pure and kind soul. Our MISSION is to touch upon every soul and awaken the beautiful souls through art. This is because real beauty exists within every person. 

By Arisa Itami JCAT Director

JCAT (Japanese Contemporary Artists Team) introduces many talented Japanese artists from around the world to a global audience, as part of our ongoing mission to support artists worldwide. 

For more information on JCAT please visit our website.

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