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Bella White @ Rockwood Music Hall

August 25, 2021, 6 pm8:30 pm.


While traditional bluegrass is usually associated with the American South, the genre has surely found a safe and loving Canadian home in the form of Calgary-born singer/songwriter Bella White. Armed with a piercing voice, edged with teardrops, White’s debut album “Just Like Leaving,” rings out as a coming-of-age anthem. The twenty-year-old singer/songwriter and instrumentalist sies away from modern and fussy arrangements and instead brings a traditional style of music into the contemporary moment by personalizing it to her own experiences. “I want people my age to hear my music, and think, actually Bluegrass is kind of cool,” she says. Throughout “Just Like leaving,” White finds her strength in leaving home for the first time, with songs of heartbreak and loneliness that demonstrate both an old soul and a young heart.

With her new album “Just Like Leaving,” White has shown herself to be a star student of the bluegrass genre, with something new to bring to the table. Her ability to translate modern experience to an old sound is seamless, compelling and permeates the boundaries of a regional genre with gorgeous and authentic singing and songwriting.


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*There is a two drink minimum per show*


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