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Open House
September 18, 2021, 10 am1 pm.


Sebago will host open houses for neighborhood residents and the general public. In addition to touring the grounds and meeting club members, visitors will be able to join short paddling or rowing excursions on the protected waters of Paerdegat Basin. 

The Basin is our home waterway and an ideal jumping off point for exploring the rest of Jamaica Bay, a unique urban wildlife refuge. A complex network of open water, salt marsh, grasslands, maritime shrublands, and coastal woodlands, the Bay is home to a multitude of brackish and freshwater communities. Its temporary and permanent residents include more than 90 species of fish and, because it is a critical stopover area along the Eastern Flyway avian migration route, an amazing 325 bird species. 

Our open houses are intended to showcase the ecological richness of the bay as well as its vast recreational potential, especially for human-powered boating. We want to share both things with our neighbors and fellow city residents, and hope that at least some will consider joining us as club members. 

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