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Good Ole Girls Like Me: Opening Night Solo Art Exhibition by Rebecca E Keating

May 14, 6 pm9:30 pm.


Join us for the opening night reception of Rebecca Keating’s third solo show “Good Ole Girls Like Me” an Art Exhibition.

Doors open at 6pm with wine, beer, and light fair provided

A brief artist talk will begin at 7pm, followed by Q+A.

Win original artwork raffled off at 8:30pm.

The exhibition features work created by Rebecca Keating while living in rural Missouri. Riffing off Don William’s song, “Good Ole Boys Like Me”, Keating takes a stance and shares what she chooses to do with good ole girls like her, who find themselves with one foot firmly rooted in the salt of the earth heartland, and the other foot in the forward-thinking sphere of possibility.

Keating expresses and weaves these two worlds together, rationalizing value systems and embracing paradoxes through her body of work. The artist’s playful figurative pieces give us an intimate glance into everyday rural life. These symbolic still lifes freeze the objects, substances, and legacies of blue collar living in a moment in time – diagramming relationship dynamics through imagery. Keating’s abstract work explores the transitory experience of emotion. She gives visual form to the intangible by exploring the metaphor; specific emotions are to the whole human experience what specific colors are to white light.

The artist elaborates, “Just as the different wavelengths of colored light are all contained within white light – the human experience contains all of the “wavelengths” of emotion. Some emotions we find more enjoyable, appropriate, or habitual than others. But without all the colors, we don’t have pure white light. Without experiencing all emotions we don’t embrace the entirety of the human experience. My abstract art expresses these ethereal experiences of emotion, and by extension, the ontological approach to different ways of being”.

Keating intertwines these two styles of artistic expression to convey a holistic look at her world view. “Examining and expressing my inner world through abstract means supports me in approaching the outer world with intention” Rebecca shares. “It’s the abstract that helps me answer questions like: How do I want to show up on the farm? How do I want to be when I’m in conversation around feminist topics in Missouri? How do I want to approach my dreams in light of the zeitgeist of scarcity in my rural community?” Rebecca shares.


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