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Quiet Us / Riot Us

Al Límite Collective
February 27, 2021, 6 pm7 pm.
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In New York City’s coldest month of the year, in the middle of a pandemic, Al Límite Collective will perform an illuminated outdoor performance of a ritual for collective grief, safely distanced in the streets and on rooftops.

These performances are born from what we experience as a dire lack of public avenues to process our collective trauma after nearly a year of the pandemic.  Quiet Us/Riot Us is an offering to the people of New York and around the world who can experience it virtually;  a ritualistic creation to help guide us through mourning with a new illuminated performance.

For location details please visit: 

web: www.allimitecollective.com / or fb&insta: @allimitecollective

Co-devised with Leah Bachar, Shan Y Chuang, Spicy Delight, Sanam Erfani, Monica Dudárov Hunken, Sylvain Souklaye, Benny Woodard and with Phil Andrews joining on trumpet.

Co-Directed by Leah Bachar and Monica Dudárov Hunken

in collaboration with BoxCutter Collective; Joe Therrien, Sam Wilson and Tom Cunningham.


Brooklyn, NY United States

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