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Regin Igloria: Heavy Lift 9/15-10/17

September 15, 2021, 7 pm9 pm.


Open Source Gallery presents Heavy Lift, a site-specific project by Regin Igloria.

In Heavy Lift, Regin Igloria explores capitalism and object-driven ownership. This exhibit features the latest iteration of the artists’ work with movement using a cargo van and the contents of a custom-built dumpster, with which Igloria will travel from Chicago to Brooklyn. 

Igloria’s recent sculpture and performance work describe movement through an interminable landscape of never-ending accumulation. The objects portrayed in his work serve as barriers affecting both psychological and physical movement, symbolic of the kind of navigation impacted by the current social climate of distrust, the nearing of the world’s end, and survival. Yet they exist as a kind of hope, bringing a sense of resiliency to troubled spaces.

This past year has been a test of determination. As a creator of objects as well as a social practitioner, almost every aspect of Igloria’s work was shifted like most others. His interactive work, primarily as a teaching artist using shared spaces and tools, was compromised. Family deaths, separation, and a return to his childhood home were a calling for a significant shift in his lifestyle, so his work responded directly. Through Heavy Lift, Igloria navigates objects collected by his family over the years, along with everyday objects involved in the movement, acknowledging the plight of individuals hoping to find solace and peace in the current divided society.

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