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Sweet 22

Sweet 22! (1)
January 25, 9 pm11 pm.


The Tonight Show’s Seth Herzog unleashes the first big “SWEET” show of 2022- Join him and a cavalcade of stars for an unforgettable night!

About this event

New year, who dis? Yes, that’s right, once again it’s the beginning of another year. Another chance to become the person you want to be, and know you can be. It’s not too be late to be the sort of person who lets everyone else have their victories, or be the person who walks into a room already talking, or maybe, be the person who runs a marathon and never mentions it….to anyone. Either way, this is your shot. And the first step is getting out of your own way, and doing the thing you told yourself you’d do–go out more and enjoy the city! Here’s a perfect example of a safe way to get out of the house and really take advantage of the city you live in, or near, or visting. Let’s take 2022 by the balls and see what it’s carrying!

This show is hosted by one of New York’s most beloved performers–

SETH HERZOG (“Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Broad City,” “Role Models,”)

And Seth will be joined by this parade of superstars-

DAVID KRUMHOLTZ (“The Santa Clause,” “The Deuce,” “The Slums of Beverly Hills”)

JANEANE GAROFALO (“The Truth About Cats & Dogs,” “Broad City,” “Girls,” “Billions,”)

MARK NORMAND (Netflix “The Standups,” “Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon,” “Joe Rogan Experience,”)

NORE DAVIS (Comedian on “Succession,” “Broadwalk Empire,” Special “Off The Chain,”)

MIKE BROWN (Writer/correspondent for “Full Frontal with Sam Bee”)

You must be vaccinated (and boostered if possible) to come to this show. It’s a safe show, in the months of doing this show again, not one person has contracted anything during this run.


Chelsea Music Hall 407 West 15th Street
New York, NY, 10011

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