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Test Subjects Self Destruct

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December 6, 2020, 8 pm11:30 pm.




Video / VOD / with a special release date DEC 5th and 6th @ 8pm. Available to view for 1 month with ticket

We email the video link that can be viewed via Youtube. We are a NOT profit, all proceeds help keep this OLD NYC DIY CULTURE going!

$20 discounted / $40 suggested

Tickets at: www.michaelalanart.com/thelivinginstallation

The goal of this film is to bring some mental relief in these difficult times. We aim to smash ourselves up and create lots of jokes, feelings to uplift the people around us, as we are all ready to explode.

A family loses it in their small overpriced apartment in the Lower East Side.

Do you feel like you’ve had enough? Tired, sad, bored, worn down, disgusted, angry, sick, in agony, or just need something else and can’t seem to find the entertainment that hits your hurt soul? If you feel like everything is closing in around your and your tired zoom meetings and mental news……don’t fret buddy! Jadda Cat, Michael Alan, Joan Alan, and Pirate the Cat, the art sculpture family are going all OUT with the wackiest dirt punk NYC lo-fi VIDEO of all time! It’s going to be RAW as gum disease and creeeeep your eyeballs out of there viewing hole all at the comfort of your home. Enter!

The team will take it to the extreme, with zero fucks given. They use their bodies , heads, place as slapstick canvases, building themselves up, turning their faces inside out and transforming each other, using every material that they can find from now until the 5th. This is not a deeply edited video,  it is what it is. The imperfection is the correct reflection.

Watch them turn their apartment in the Lower East Side into a surrealist bombshell.  NYC horror extreme… twisted, melted, and more. Art ghooligans Michael and Jadda give it all they got, transforming  into bizarre human sculptures with paint and tons of materials. Body smashing, mischief making, mask creating, ALL in the HOPE to give some mental connection to you all! We’re all in this together, let loose, life’s short, everything fades.



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New York, 10115

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