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The 30 Year Old Virgin – Come Together Live Talkback Series

October 20, 2020, 6 pm7:30 pm.



To celebrate the release of his new comedy special The 30 Year Old Virgincomedian, actor and writer Kevin James Doyle is pleased to announce The 30 Year Old Virgin – Come Together Live Talkback SeriesThe special deals with topics such as love, sex, guilt, God, growing up, marriage, and what happens when you have very rigid expectations about what your life will look like, and then dealing with things turning out very different. The 30 Year Old Virgin – Come Together Live Talkback Series is a series of one-on-one interviews with comedians, writers, clergy and other luminaries aimed at diving further into these topics, through varying approaches. Right now we all need to simulate a real life online. To help, social platform asembl is bringing people together for a series of comedy events online called (not so) live. You can hear the audience laugh, see your friends and family who are there & interact with the performers. It’s great.



Kevin James Doyle and Candace Bushnell : Author Sex and the City on what it’s like to use their very private personal experiences in their writing.

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