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The Pieces: A 9/11 Conspiracy Told Through the Music of Ashlee Simpson

November 7, 2021, 5:30 pm6:30 pm.


The Pieces is a 9/11 conspiracy theory told through the music of Ashlee Simpson’s album “Autobiography,” performed and written by comedian Melissa Rich.

At a Cracker Barrel outside of Dallas, a young Ashlee Simpson overhears the Bush Administration discussing their plans to orchestrate 9/11. She knows what she must do – become a pop star and tell the truth. Can she succeed with the government sabotaging her every step of the way? You’re invited to hear her side of the story… the facts, the evidence… all of…the pieces.

Lineup: Larry Owens, Melissa Rich, accompanied by Fernanda Douglas

Union Hall

702 Union St.

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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