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Tragic Girl

June 18, 2019.
$10 at bit.ly/TragicGirlPIT


She sings Miley Cyrus songs out loud in H&M hoping she’ll get “discovered.” She FaceTimes her Aunt Shelley in the rest stop bathroom. She runs to pilates class eating a handful of refried beans. She’s a Tragic Girl and you’re stuck with her on the L train. “Tragic Girl” is a queer comedy show about the most cringe-worthy among us. Written and performed by non-binary, queer comedian Sarah McKinley, who presents a cast of playful, absurd characters make you feel like you’re at a slumber party with the friend your parents disapprove of. A little mischievous and a lot of fun, Sarah will leave your face sore with laughter and your eyes shining with deviousness.

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