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Finally! An award worthy of the name ‘Carmine’!

Carmine thinks Deborah Delluomo is awesome!

I’m madder than the windshield-cleaning panhandler who got a doggie bag of food for payment when, in fact, he was hoping to get some coin for his next bottle over the fact that for the next few weeks, all my readers will be mad at me because instead of getting a dose of the typical piss-and-vinegar prose they expect from me, they’ll be getting my annual tributes to some great people from the neighborhood who’ll be receiving my annual Carmine Awards for Community Service!

Look, you all know that every year the group that I’ve been president of for 34 years (with my pols still riding sky-high) — the Bensonhurst West End Community Council — known to those in the know as BWECC! — is having its 53rd annual gala on March 19 at the fabulous El Caribe in Mill Basin, where there will be enough food served to feed a small country for a week — or two! But what you don’t know are the names of the honorees, which I will announce right here in this space right now, hoping and praying that I spell their names right so they don’t get mad at me and demand a correction.

I’m proud to announce that Deborah Dellumo is my Woman of the Year. Scott Herman is my Man of the Year. Ann Marie Lettieri-Baker is my Educator of the Year Award. Luisa DeSilvio and Anne Polizzi are my Parents of the Year. Steven and Mary Placanica have been tabbed as my Couple of the Year Award. Rosalie Bacarella will be receiving the new School Leadership Award.

So, beginning this week, I’ll break down the biographies of these fabulous people the only way I know how: by cutting and pasting something one of my many minions sent me and printing it as if it was written by your’s truly.

Without further ado, here’s our first bio, on our Woman of the Year, Debbie Dellumo.

Debbie was born and raised in Bath Beach. She is the younger daughter of Lillian and Carmelo Fragomeni. Although Debbie has lived in District 21 her entire life, she is the product of parochial school education, attending Our Lady of Solace, Fontbonne Hall Academy, and St. Joseph’s College where she doubled majored in Child Study and French. She earned a masters degrees in special education, reading, and administration and supervision.

Debbie says she wanted to be a teacher her entire life. Her earliest memory is of a little girl drawing rows of stick figure students on the wall behind her mom’s living room curtains. When her mom discovered her “artwork” she stated, “I want to be a teacher, mommy.”

Debbie secured her first teaching position at St. Mary, Mother of Jesus School. She taught first grade for five years. In 1984, Debbie left St. Mary’s and joined the District 21 family. During the 30 years that Debbie has been part of District 21, her dream of teaching continued and expanded! Debbie taught first and third grades at PS 100. Debbie moved to PS 128 where she taught reading for two years before she was invited to become a District 21 staff developer. In 2003 Debbie was appointed assistant Principal to PS 212.

Among her professional accomplishments Debbie considers her Book of the Month Program to be her greatest success.

While Debbie has loved every minute of her career, her greatest pleasure comes from time spent with her family. She truly believes that her life has been a dream come true.”

And there you have it — a beautiful, talented teacher, innovator, administrator, who is friendly and meanwhile is an exceptional mother as well as loving wife. Congratulations Debbie, we all can’t wait to meet your beautiful family. If anyone is interested in joining us contact us at bwecc@aol.com

Screech at you next week!

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