Firebomb! Thugs torch cars on 14th Street in Slope

Firebomb! Thugs torch cars on 14th Street in Slope
Photo by Michael Castellano

Thugs torched four cars on 14th Street early on Monday after igniting garbage cans between Sixth and Seventh Avenues.

No one was injured, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any pain.

“I lost my baby — my little Honda Civic,” said Michael Castellano, whose 2003 sedan was totaled. He blamed kids for what he called “an unprofessional act of vandalism.”

A Honda SUV was also completely burnt out, while two other cars had their bumpers melted from the heat of the blaze.

On Wednesday, residents of the block were still smoking mad — and some were angry at the NYPD for a lackluster investigation.

“Two cars were in flames and three firefighters put them out. But two policemen at the time were just standing around,” said Rebecca Johnson, who lives on the block.

A detective at the 78th Precinct said that arson without human injury is investigated by the FDNY.

An FDNY official who was at the scene confirmed that fire marshals are, indeed, investigating.

But that did little to calm local fears.

“It’s scary because what if the garbage cans [that the vandals torched] were next to the buildings?” asked Johnson.