From Romeos to ruffians

Romeo ruffians

Two crooked Casanovas begged a woman for her phone number on Sept. 28, but settled for her wallet when their corny flirtations turned violent on Park Place.

The hooligans followed their 36-year-old victim from the corner of Atlantic Avenue and South Oxford Street at 10:50 pm, repeatedly calling out to her and asking for her digits.

The woman managed to ignore the would-be thieves until she reached Vanderbilt avenue, where the thugs punched her in the back of the head and ran off with her purse.

iPhone collar

A greedy iPhone thief snagged the pricey piece of hardware from a Lincoln Place resident on Sept. 26, but didn’t have long to check out all of its nifty features.

The victim was standing near his building between Underhill and Washington avenues at 6:55 pm when the teenage thug approached and punched him in the face.

The thief then threw the victim to the ground and ran off with the phone, but cops nabbed him a short time later.

Cash grab

A thief helped himself to $480 from The Forest Floor on Vanderbilt Avenue on Sept. 29.

Workers said the hooligan entered the store between Prospect and Park places at 3 pm, reached over the counter and took the money from the open register.

When an employee spotted him, the thief held up a book, asked its price and quickly scrambled out the door, cops were told.

Cafe crook

A thief snagged a 25-year-old woman’s handbag as she ate at a Flatbush Avenue outdoor cafe on Sept. 24.

The woman hooked her bag to the back of her chair at 9 pm as she dined between Prospect and Park places. When she turned around to get her bag a half hour later, it was gone, she told police.

Bag snag

A slick snake swiped a woman’s handbag as she enjoyed a meal inside a Vanderbilt Avenue restaurant on Sept. 23.

The woman had strung her purse along the back of her chair at the restaurant between Bergen Street and St. Marks Avenue at 9:15 pm.

The thief managed to snag the bag without anyone noticing and used one of his victim’s credit cards to buy a $50 Metrocard.

Bike lift

A free-wheeling hooligan made off with a bike left chained to a pole on Eastern Parkway on Sept. 26.

The owner of the Raleigh Venture secured the bike to a pole between Plaza Street East and Underhill Avenue at 6 pm. When she returned to it an hour later, both the bike and the $40 lock had been gershed.