Get ready! Here’s your chance to become a Beach Bum

Hey ladies! It’s time to get in touch with your inner beach bum.

Open tryouts have been scheduled for the Coney Island Beach Bums, the dancers/cheerleaders who keep fans fired up at Brooklyn Cyclones home games.

Come April, you may be among a dozen young beauties charged with welcoming guests, keeping everyone entertained and energized in between innings and — the piece de resistance — dancing with Cyclones mascot Sandy the Seagull.

The Beach Bums are the only organized dance troupe for a minor league baseball team.

Team Captain Avrey Pellicane said that the Bums were put together on a lark last year, but by season’s end they really hit their stride.

“In the beginning it was tough at first, we were really nervous how fans would react,” Pellicane said. “The Cyclones didn’t have cheerleaders or dance motivators before and some of the girls were nervous, because they didn’t know the sport.”

When they first started strutting their stuff and belting out their chants, fans stared at them “like we had five heads,” Pellicane remembered.

Since they were dancing on top of the dugout, some perturbed fans even asked them to sit down so they could watch the game.

“Sorry,” they’d say. “We’re just trying to do our job.”

Pellicane, who has danced for arena football, AHL an NHL games, said that after this brief “get to know ya” period, the crowds welcomed them with open arms, especially the dedicated fans.

“We’re on a first-name basis with them, some of us even keep in touch with them in the off season,” she said. “We keep asking ourselves, ‘How many more days to the season starts?’”

Many of the Bums quickly became baseball aficionados, Pellicane said. And, yes, all of them have become close friends with a certain seagull.

“We love Sandy,” she said. “He always wants to dance with us, so we put him in one of our routines.”

Pee-Wee, Sandy’s sidekick, is not as expressive and shies away from dancing, Pellicane said. But who knows what will happen this year?

Anyone interested in joining the Beach Bums is encouraged to fill out an application by March 19. Tryouts have been scheduled for April 3 at MCU Park, 1904 Surf Avenue, where an applicant’s dancing and gymnastics ability will be judged.

To register for the 2010 Beach Bum tryouts download, complete and mail in the audition application to: Brooklyn Cyclones — Beach Bum Tryouts, 1904 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 112247. Applicants must submit a non-returnable, recent photo for identification purposes and include resume and signed general release and waiver.

To learn more, e-mail [email protected].

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