‘Glam-mas’ redefine the golden years

‘Glam-mas’ redefine the golden years
Her engaging manner garners Rozaliya Fiks the “Charming” award.

Just call ‘em ‘glam-mas.’

A golden group of comely contestants sparkled on stage, showcasing their “talents, inner beauty, dignity and maturity,” during a grandmother contest at National Restaurant in Brighton Beach, which claimed “no losers.”

Sixteen entrants, ages 70 and above, vied for the venerable titles of “Your Highness Grandma,” and “Queen Grandmother,” transforming the popular nightclub, 273 Brighton Beach Avenue, into a dazzling pageant hall, complete with eye-popping costumes, for the eighth annual competition presented by the Be Proud Foundation,

The beauteous bunch shared the spotlight, drawing cheers from a rapt audience and an equally besotted panel of judges comprised of grandfathers, who were spoiled for choice as they tried to select a winner from the spry troupe of singers, dancers, musicians and fitness enthusiasts, who modeled fur coats, took a fashion trip down memory lane by wearing costumes of their youth and exhibited their individual talents as part of the three-pronged contest.

The winners, both of whom hailed from Queens, New York, were Tatiana Coogan, who was awarded the title of “Your Highness Grandma,” and Roza Mordukhayeva, who clinched top honors as “Your Highness Queen Grandmother.” The pair received bejeweled crowns, commemorative vases, amber jewelry, silk scarves and tickets to the Millennium Theatre, Brighton Beach and Coney Island avenues.

Other award winners, who also received prizes, included Manhattan Beach resident Kim Brook, a male contestant who dressed up as a “grandma” and spread such good cheer that he won the “Young Spirit” award; audience favorite Galina Sarni of Sheepshead Bay, who was recognized as the “People’s Choice”; and Midwood maiden Rozaliya Fiks, who was presented an award for being the most charming.

“It was clear right away that age is only a number,” said organizer Raisa Chernina, adding, “The grandmother is half of the family %u2013 if the family is healthy, then a country is healthy.”

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