Harrowing holdup

iPhone grab

A gun-toting thief took an iPhone off an 18-year-old on Oct. 25 during a harrowing hold-up on Sterling Place.

The victim was between Underhill and Washington avenues just before 11:30 pm when the thug flashed his weapon, demanding the pricey smart phone.

Roll by rob

A pair of hooligans robbed a 39-year-old man on Pacific Street on Oct. 22, then made a quick getaway in an awaiting vehicle.

The victim was between Vanderbilt and Underhill avenues at 8 pm when the suspects vaulted out of their vehicle and jammed a hard object — possibly a gun — into his spine.

They took their victim’s wallet and ran back to the idling getaway car, which was last seen speeding down Pacific Street.

Parkway beat

Two thugs attacked a 16-year-old on Eastern Parkway on Oct. 26, leaving the battered teen with serious injuries.

The victim told police that hooligans tracked him for a block, but pounced when he was between Underhill and Washington avenues at around 3:25 pm. One of the thugs asked for the time as a diversion while the other pummelled the victim.

Paramedics rushed the victim to New York Methodist Hospital.

Calcium deficient

A thief hit the Milk Bar on Vanderbilt Avenue on Oct. 23, but wasn’t strong enough to force open the front door.

Employees said that someone snapped the locks to the security gates protecting the watering hole between St. Marks Avenue and Prospect Place sometime after 8 pm, but didn’t get any further.

The crook did leave his mark, however: both the door and doorframe were damaged, cops were told.

All washed up

It’s official: There’s a fluff-and-fold felon on the loose.

A thief went on a shopping spree inside the a Prospect Place building on Oct. 23, taking more than $350 in still-warm clothes from a laundry room dryer.

The owner of the clothes left his duds in the laundry room between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues at 12:30 pm. When he returned an hour later, his clothes were gone, he told police.

Chain gang

Hooligans gershed a $580 Trek bicycle chained outside a Sterling Place building on Oct. 18.

The bike was left between Underhill and Washington avenues at 8 am. When its 35-year-old owner returned three days later, both the bike and the chain were missing, police were told.