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Have you seen this doggie?

Who stole this dog?

A distraught Kensington family is facing a new year without its old pal, Bisou, the 8-year-old black lab-pit bull mix who was apparently stolen from the corner of Church Avenue and East Second Street on New Year’s Day.

Linda Block, Bisou’s human companion, had securely tied up her pooch outside Yummy Taco, but when she came out, Bisou and her leash were gone.

“Someone stole her,” said Block. “She couldn’t have gotten [away] by herself.”

Block flagged down a cop, but the officer told her that there was no point in filing a police report unless she had insurance on the dog, said Block.

But a call to Kensington’s 66th Precinct revealed that stolen pets are categorized as stolen property — like a pilfered TV or jewelry box.

And a source at the 16th Avenue stationhouse said that officers are supposed to take reports, even if the owner has no insurance. Proof of ownership is needed, however.

For now, all Block cares about is getting her pet back. A small reward is being offered for Bisou’s safe return.

“She’s very friendly and she loves children,” said Block. “My 4-year-old [daughter Kaley] is devastated.”

If you have any information about Bisou’s disappearance, call the Block family at (646) 684-5950.

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