Home intruders terrorize elderly couple

94th Precinct


Home invasion

Three men pushed their way into a house on Kingsland Avenue on Nov. 24 — and then terrorized the elderly residents.

The victims told police they opened the door of their house between Withers and Frost streets at 1 am, only to be stormed by the terrifying trio, who threatened them with pretend guns, and threw one — a 78-year-old lady — to the floor.

The men got away with an undetermined amount of goods and are still on the loose.

Family dispute

Police arrested a 45-year-old father who they say punched his son in the face and then robbed him after the two got into an argument on Bedford Avenue on Nov. 23.

The 26-year-old son told police that he was arguing with his father near N. 12th Street at 10 pm when his father suddenly punched him in the face, causing bruising and swelling.

When the victim turned to run, his father tackled him, threw him to the ground, and snatched his wallet from his front pocket, getting away with his driver’s license and $20, reported police. The 45-year-old was arrested and charged with robbery and assault.


A violent trio attacked and robbed a man on Bayard Street on Nov. 25.

The victim told police that he was on his phone near Leonard Street at 4 am when three men ran up and tackled him. They then threw him to the ground, punched him in the face, and stole his wallet, he said.


A fiend knocked a guy out and stole his phone on Bedford Avenue on Dec. 9.

The 23-year-old victim told police he was near N. Sixth Street at 3:30 am when someone struck him and he fell unconscious, waking up a few minutes later to find his phone gone.

He took himself to Wyckoff Hospital, but when he got there, couldn’t remember any of his information.

Big money

A former employee stole $30,000 from a safe in her former office on Manhattan Avenue sometime during the summer, reported police.

The financial director at the doctor’s office between Greenpoint Avenue and Milton Street told cops on Dec. 3 that he questioned the employee about some financial reports during the summer. She allegedly refused to show him the reports and instead never came back to work.

Since she was the only one with the combination to the safe, the office had to get a locksmith to open a safe, which was revealed to be empty.

— Danielle Furfaro