Home invasions plague area

If you believe you’re safe and secure in your own home, think again.

Home invasion incidents like the one that took the life of 60-year-old Stevenson Blackett on July 29 are becoming more and more prevelant in the area.

Here are just a few home invasions to take place in the area in recent months, according to NYPD reports:

• Two thugs followed a woman into her home on East 49th Street between Flatlands Avenue Avenue L on July 21, swiping two bags that the woman had inside.

The 24-year-old victim told police she had just stepped inside when the suspect jammed a hard object into her back as if it was a gun. He then forced the woman further into the home before he and an accomplice ran off with the two bags.

• Three pistol-packing thieves raided a home on East 93rd Street between Foster and Farragut roads on July 13, holding up five people they found inside.

Police said the thieves followed one of the victims inside his house without his knowledge before robbing everyone of cash and cellphones.

Cops caught one of the three suspects as they made their escape, charging him with robbery in the first degree.

• A gun-toting thug forced his way into a home on Kimball Street between Avenues U and T on June 3, robbing a woman inside.

Police said the suspect entered, pulled a gun and demanded she hand over her ATM card and PIN. He then bound the woman up with duct tape and ran off.

• A brazen gunman forced his way into a home on East 46th Street between Flatlands Avenue and Avenue L on April 23, surprising nine women and two men inside.

Police were told that once the suspect got everyone’s attention, he “passed the hat” ordering everyone to put their property in a bag.

The thief ran off, but didn’t have too much time to enjoy his loot — cops nabbed him shortly after the 8:30 pm heist.

• Thieves broke into an East 54th Street woman’s home and terrorized her at gunpoint April 5.

The victim was sleeping inside her abode between Flatlands Avenue and Avenue I at 3:30 am when the perpetrators forced the door, tied her up, demanded her money and pistol-whipped her when she didn’t them answer fast enough, she told police.

The suspects ultimately fled with the woman’s purse, cell phone and some electronics.

• Two goons grabbed an East 72nd Street woman outside her home near Avenue T on March 18, forced her inside and handcuffed her as they tossed the place for valuables. The thugs fled with $3,000, a variety of electronics and some jewelry, police said.

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