Hot deal! Brooklyn solar syndicate offers group discount for buying panels

Hot deal! Brooklyn solar syndicate offers group discount for buying panels
Associated Press / Mark Lennihan

Catch some rays!

A group of Park Slope property owners are looking for eco-friendly Kings County residents to join them in going solar, and share in a discount that grows as more people sign up — and the organizer says it is the cheapest chance you’ll have to go green.

“We believe the residents in our district deserve the best price and solar products that we can get,” said Community Board 6 district manager Craig Hammerman.

Community Board 6 kicked off the first round of the program for people within the district in 2014, which saw 26 property owners strap solar panels to their brownstones.

Those arrays are currently generating 176,250 kilowatt-hours annually, which is enough juice to take 28 homes in New York state off the grid, according to a 2009 federal survey.

This time around, anyone from the Borough of Kings can join in the program. Hammerman doesn’t expect that quite as many will sign up as the first time, but hopes to attract customers that were unable to participate before.

“It’s hard to replicate the success of the first one,” he said. “It was something that exceeded everyone’s expectations. We’re just glad that we had access to another program to try to capture as much residual interest as we couldn’t in the first round.”

Five people within Community Board 6 have already signed up, who are receiving a 19 percent discount through contractor American Solar Partners — $20,835 versus $24,750.

If more Brooklynites join in, the discount could rise to more than 27 percent below market rates, according to American Solar Partners project manager Paige Alderoty.

Anyone interested in joining or learning more about Solarize Community Board 6 can contact Alderoty by phone at (914) 699–3366 or e-mail paige@americansolarpartners.com.

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