Ida Eisenstein is our pigskin prognosticator!

Our gridiron guru Ida Eisenstein proved something this week that many in the office pool began to question, at least privately: she’s human. Ida had an off-week, winning just five of 14 contests, a devastating blow to her fans, but not to her confidence, which remains solid as a lump of osmium.

Sure, she nailed her Kryptonite Lock of the Week with the accuracy of a falcon dive-bombing a field mouse — but this week, Ida can’t grow complacent. She’s committed to pulling herself up by the bootstraps and proving once again that sometimes you just gotta cut loose — footloose.

Ida’s picks:

Giants +3.5, Broncos +7, Colts –9, Rams +3, Falcons –3, Bengals –7, Panthers +2.5, Cardinals +6.5, Cowboys –6.5, Eagles +3.

Ida’s breakouts:

Jaguars (+1) over Bills. “I was out all day on Sunday, but my husband said that the Bills didn’t play well last week.”

Rams (+3) over Lions: “Sometimes, it’s just ‘because.’ ”

Raiders (+5.5) over Chargers: “They’ve got to win sometime. Or at least cover.”

Ida’s Kryptonite Lock of the Week:

Packers (-3) over Redskins: “They’re the better team.”

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