Is US destined to become a refugee camp?

The disgruntled day laborer from Guatemala who, allegedly, in a drunken rage tossed a roll of accelerant-soaked toilet paper into a baby carriage parked in the stairwell of a Bensonhurst building, is a poster boy for all that is wrong with a national immigration system depleted by an estimated 12-to-22 million squatters — how would the real figure even be known? — and hobbled by its tenuous grasp on the law.

In an April 2009 interview with CNN, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano alarmingly stated that “…[illegally] crossing the border is not a crime per se.”

Section 8, Title 1325 of the US code disagrees.

Entering a nation falsely is a crime that should be met with immediate deportation, not a partisan assimilation matrix that gilds the illegal lily.

The Ignacio crime begs a re-examination of the US Department of Homeland Security, a toothless beadledom which the president has vowed to “fix,” but, alas, how, when his own aunt has been living illegally in Boston on the taxpayers’ dime for years?

Freeloading First Alien Zeituni Polly Onyango, who lives in public housing and receives food stamps, is a crafty barnacle from Kenya who has managed to avail herself of the constitutional freedoms that should be reserved for citizens and legal residents only. Thrice, she has appealed a judge’s deportation orders — first in 2003, then the following year, and again last week during a mysterious closed door hearing with an immigration judge.

The prospect of granting civil freedoms to self-deficient illegals, such as Ignacio — a career criminal who is being held without bail after being charged with murder in the second-degree and arson in the fourth degree — and Aunty Zeituni, is a travesty that inflates welfare costs, increases poverty and dumbs down the nation.

It is also a slap to homegrown Americans and naturalized citizens who, themselves, are not always privy to the types of rights being legislated for undocumented migrants in Obama’s HR-3962 healthcare bill. Too many illegal residents do not have a stake here beyond state-shopping for lucrative welfare deals, committing crimes and birthing a child in the Free World’s leading nation, which is perilously close to becoming the planet’s largest refugee camp.

The only deterrent to illegal immigration is to reinforce our entry ports with more financial and physical muscle — and federal foresight — to facilitate an extremely difficult job so that there will, never again, be a repeat of the Jose Compean/Ignacio Ramos fiasco; the two border agents were convicted and imprisoned for their 2005 shooting of a fleeing Mexican carrying 800 pounds of drugs, until President George W. Bush pardoned them.

The United States is the greatest nation in the world because of its tradition of immigration; a policy which is not mentioned in the Constitution. However, the wheat needs to be separated from the chafe, carefully.

New arrivals should ditch the nationalism, and be required to adopt the basic mores of American society, such as speaking English and obeying the law.

Else, why come here at all?

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