It’s the wood that makes it bad

The Riegelmann Boardwalk’s new wood planks are already broken, Coney Island watchdogs say.

Dangerous loose screws are sticking out of the tropical hardwood planks, which were installed this summer by the amusement rides from Stillwell Avenue to W. 10th Street, according to Todd Dobrin, chairman of the Coney Island Friends of the Boardwalk.

“There are a lot of popping screws that people could trip on,” he said.

The staff at Ruby’s Bar and Grill has strategically placed a garbage can over a particularly dangerous section.

The Parks Department blames any broken sections to “wear and tear of millions of visitors,” according to agency spokesman Phil Abramson. Raised planks and screws will soon be fixed, he said.

“Maintenance crews will continue to repair any loose screws and boards as they are reported to us,” he said.

The protruding screws could be yet another nail in the coffin for wood planks on the Boardwalk, which could be replaced by new concrete slabs that the city says last longer and don’t require screws to hold them down.

—Michèle De Meglio

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