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Jeopardy is no stroll in FG park

“Birds for 800” asked for “the largest bird ever spotted in Fort Greene Park.”

And the question is, “What is the turkey vulture?”

“Trees for 1,000” was, “The common name of Platarus x acerifolia.”

And the question is, “What is the London Plane Tree?”

These nuggets were among the trove of trivia revealed during a game of “Fort Greene Jeopardy!” run by the Urban Park Rangers at Fort Greene Park last Sunday. The game didn’t attract many players — just one, actually — but the enthusiasm of rangers Alberto Correa and Vincent Piccalo made up for it.

The contestant — Gail Wilck of Sheepshead Bay — had actually come to learn about becoming a Ranger, but she played along gamely.

Some questions (make that answers — sorry, Alex) weren’t too tough, even for city folk.

“Birds for 200” stated, “An aggressive avian known for blue feathers — and a baseball team.” (Duh: “What is a Blue Jay?”) “Fort Greene Makers for 800” mentioned “A housing complex north of the park, named for a famous Brooklyn poet.” (“What is Walt Whitman?”)

Others required more smarts: “A tree known for its ‘itchy balls.’ ” (“What is Sweet Gum?”)

“The only non-military victim interred in Fort Greene Park’s crypt.” (“Who is Benjamin Romaine — like the lettuce,” Correa offered.)

Even the right answers sparked light-hearted debate. The “Names for 800” answer, “The Polish lord who led the Continental Army, and lent his name to a bridge in Brooklyn,” prompted the question, “Who is Kos-zhe-usko?” from Correa.

“Bzzzztztzt. I’m not going to accept that pronunciation,” Piccalo responded. “It’s Kos-ciu-sko. General Thaddeus Kosciusko.”

“But that’s the way we pronounce it in the Bronx,” Correa insisted.

“Double Jeopardy” was clearly designed for history scholars: And the answer is, “The regiment that paid the highest price during the Battle of Brooklyn.” (Correct question: “Who is the Maryland 400?”)

“The brothers who led the British land and sea forces during that fight?” (“Who are Richard and William Howe?” — not Abraham and Strauss, as Wilck suggested, in her heavy Brooklynese.)

“Final Jeopardy” arrived as the category “Ice, Ice, Baby,” complete with sound effects. “This stately, some would say cheesy, glacier is responsible for Brooklyn, Long Island and Staten Island’s unique topography.”

Stumped? And the question is: “What is the Wisconsin Glacier?”

The final answer: She was the winner. The question is, “Who is Gail Wilck, of Sheepshead Bay?” (Full disclosure: this reporter had to take notes, which hurt her ability to buzz in.)

No word on whether the victory earned Wilck a job as a Ranger.

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