Jerk helps himself to straphanger’s iPhone

90th Precinct


Purse tug

A crook helped himself to a G train rider’s iPhone at the Broadway stop on May 31.

The victim told police she was on the train at 12:05 pm when the goon sat down next to her, rifled through at her pocketbook, and fled out of the station with her phone.

Gun bully

A gun-wielding teen held up a 14-year-old boy on his way to school at the steps of the Grand Street L train station on May 30 — and took off with his iPod.

The victim told police was near Bushwick Avenue at 7:45 am when the thief grabbed his headphones and snarled, “Give me your iPhone!” But the boy didn’t have one, so the fiend pulled out a black handgun.

“Then give me what you got and don’t tell anyone because I’ll get people to beat you up. I’ve been in jail before,” the older teen barked.

The boy handed over his headphones and an iPod, and the crook asked, “What’s your code?” before the teen ran to school and called the cops.

Straight shot

Two troublemakers tried to rob a man inside his Devoe Street apartment on May 29, and shot him instead, police said.

The victim told police that the pair knocked on his door near Judge Street at 10:30 pm. When he answered when one shouted “Get the f— down!” as he pulled out a gun, the victim said.

But the victim tried to wrestle the gun away from the thug, who fired it in the tumult, and struck the victim’s shoulder, he told cops.

Police arrested one suspect and are searching for his partner.


A crook punched a man and stole his iPhone on Varet Street on May 28.

The victim was near Humboldt Street at 9:50 pm when the thief approached him and said, “Give me that!” He then punched the man’s face, tackled him to the ground, and took away his phone, the victim told cops.

The man chased after him, but the thief took out a knife and threatened him. “Say you took it from this girl,” he demanded before he fled.


Four thugs beat up a 20-year-old man on Roebling Street in the early morning of May 28.

The victim told police he was near S. First Street at 4:10 am when the group approached him, punched him in his face, and struck him with their belts.

Chain gang

Two crooks stole $1,800 in metal chains from a Broadway jewelry store on May 30.

Police said the thieves entered the store near Havemeyer Street at 12:50 pm and asked to look at the jewelry. When the clerk took the necklaces out of their display case, the thieves grabbed 60 of them and fled.

Laptops missing

A crook stole two computers from a Devoe Street apartment on May 30 — while the tenant slept.

The tenant told police she fell asleep in her apartment near Olive Street at 12:30 am, but when she woke up, her gadgets were missing.

Computer removed

Someone broke the window of a car parked on Kent Avenue on May 31 — and stole a computer that was left inside.

The driver parked his car near Broadway at 12:30 pm, but when he returned at 4 pm, the driver’s-side window was broken and his computer was missing.

Wallet punch

Two thieves punched a man in his head and stole his wallet on June 1 at Harrison Place.

The victim said he was entering the Morgan Avenue L train station at 1:30 pm when the jerks approached him. One punched him in the right side of his face, he told police. Then, the second thief pulled the victim’s wallet out of his pocket and both fled.

Computers yanked

A burglar stole two computers and an iPad from a Montrose Avenue apartment on June 1.

The tenant said he left his apartment at 9:30 am, but when he returned at 8 pm, his stuff was gone.

Handball hoodlum

A thief held up a 14-year-old boy on a Bushwick Avenue handball court and stole his phone on May 30.

The victim told police he was near Meserole Street at 4:30 pm when the brute approached him and simulated a gun under his shirt.

“Run your pockets!” he demanded.

The victim handed over the phone and headphones and the thief left.

Bicycle snatched

A fiend stole an unattended purse and bicycle left on Wythe Avenue on May 31.

The rider told cops she left her bicycle near S. Fourth Street at 9 pm, but when she returned five minutes later, her bike, purse, and iPhone were missing.

Falafel theft

Someone stole $250 from a Leonard Street Middle Eastern restaurant overnight on June 1.

The manager told police he closed the restaurant near Grand Street at 12:30 am, but when he returned at 9 am the next day, the register was broken into and the cash was missing.

Cash out

A burglar stole four iPads, a laptop, and $1,300 from a Havemeyer Street apartment on June 1.

The tenants told police they left their apartment at 8 am, but when they returned at 5:30 pm, their door was open and their stuff was gone.

Laptop gallery

A burglar stole a laptop from a Bogart Street gallery on June 2.

The gallery manager stepped out of the room at 1:10 pm, but when she returned five minutes later, it was gone, she told police.


A burglar stole a computer and two iPads from a S. Fourth Street apartment on May 29 — while the tenant was gone all day.

The tenant said she left her building near Bedford Avenue at 9 am, but when she returned at 11:30 pm, her computer, iPad, and a roommate’s iPad were gone.

Purse grab

A thief stole a purse from a car parked on Broadway in the early morning of June 2.

The driver told cops she parked her car near Hooper Street at 2 am, but when she returned two hours later, the car was unlocked and her purse was gone.

Honda lifted

A thief stole a Honda parked on Borinquen Place on June 1.

The driver said he parked his car near Keap Street at 12:30 am, but when he returned at 11:30 pm, it was missing.

— Aaron Short