Kickball shocker! Never Scared feels the worries with first defeat

It was an upset Sunday during a surprisingly turbulent Week Four of Brooklyn Kickball.

First-place Never Scared suffered its first defeat of the season at the feet of the New Frontiersmen, who had not yet won a game all season.

Captain Dan “The Clarkmeister” Clark dismissed the loss, characterizing it as a rare hiccup in the team’s quest for the title.

Clark cited the importance of season-long performances from third baseman and former MVP Karl “The Kaiser” Pawlewicz, Rachel “Scrappy” Josar, and others as key to the team’s success.

“Karl is great, I love that man,” said Clark. “As soon as he won MVP, he said I’m joining Never Scared and I was going to let him.”

It wasn’t the only unexpected loss, as the Crucial Taunt dropped a game to Lobos while the heavily favored Kickball Fever lost to Diddy’s White Party featuring Fat Kid Hustle.

When asked how his team pulled out the victory, Diddy’s White Party captain John “Placido” Domingos said, “We have a lot of fat kids on the team, but we hustle.”

Crucial Taunt members said they played in a “lackadaisical” manner all day, tying the New Frontiersmen in a 1-1 stalemate and dropping the nightcap, despite Kate “Buttercream” Brown’s award-winning cupcakes as a pregame snack.

“The cupcakes have beer in them,” said Brown.

For every team that loses, there’s another that wins. For last year’s champions, the John Cougar Mellencamps, it was a bright day. The team recorded its first victory, sweeping away the Dream Team and tying Pony Boys.

First-place Majesty, which beat the People’s Court and tied the Dream Team, continued to roll, while the competitive New Frontiersmen, which pulled the day’s biggest upset.

New Frontiersmen captain Michael “Turbo Goose” Altman said the team is starting to gell, incorporating new pieces such as Veronica “The Big V” Velasquez and pitcher Jessica “The Juice” Seibert.

“Our defense is strong. We just have to get some runs,” said Altman.

After tying her former team, the Crucial Taunt, Seibert did some taunting of her own, saying that the emotional victory “wasn’t that big of a deal.”

“It’ll be a bigger deal in the playoffs,” said Seibert.

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