Late poet laureate will live forever on Gravesend corner

Late Brooklyn Poet Laureate Ken Siegelman will live on at the corner of the Gravesend block where he lived with his family for 24 years.

Siegelman’s wife, their twin daughters and their three grandchildren joined more than 100 guests to celebrate the beloved teacher and writer’s life by unveiling a street sign on May 2, co-naming West Fifth Street, between Avenue V and Wolf Place, “Ken Siegelman Way.”

“This is forever, he’s immortalized and nobody deserves it more,” said Pearl Siegelman, who had been married to the former Lincoln HS Social Studies teacher for 47 years before he died in June 2009.

Siegelman, whose works were published in 20 journals in 14 states, wrote about such neighborhoods as Bensonhurst and Gerritsen Beach with a familiarity and warmth that touched his readers, said his wife, adding, “Brooklyn was his life.”

Their daughters Tara and Karen, and their grandchildren, Brooke, Matthew and Rachel, attended the ceremony along with Siegelman’s sister, Mona, who was located just months prior to his death.

“Ken was adopted, but somehow he knew he had a sister,” she said, adding the two enjoyed a poignant reunion.

“We are so proud of my husband, and this will last in our hearts forever,” said the widow, adding, “I’ll never move.”

Siegelman’s successor Tina Chang attended the event, though she was at a loss for words when asked by our photographer which street she would like as her namesake:

“What kind of question is that?” she bristled.

Look, it’s what we do.

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