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Man bites dog! Someone is hurling eggs at cute pups in J.J. Byrne Park

Dog owners who exercise their pets in the dog run in J.J. Byrne Park near the Novo Condo building say that some apartment owners are hurling eggs in protest.
The Brooklyn Paper / Bess Adler

An irate tenant in an apartment complex adjacent to a Park Slope dog run has been hurling eggs out his or her window in an apparent attempt to scramble the canines’s brains and silence their allegedly incessant barking.

The most recent egg-incident occurred last month, when dogs were romping and barking in the dog run inside J.J. Byrne Park, which abuts the back of the Novo condo building on Fourth Avenue, according to Brownstoner.

As the dogs enjoyed their precious moment of off-leash liberty, a tenant (perhaps a cat lover?) tossed an egg, narrowly missing one of the dog owners.

Now, outraged canophiles are hatching plans to fight back against the egg hurler.

“We should come out here with frozen milk bones and retaliate!” joked Annie Norman, who feared for the safety of her three-year-old Boxer, Chester.

Other dog owners were similarly barking mad at the egg bomber.

“If you move into an apartment facing the park, get over it!” said Caitlin Quinn, whose nine-month-old Great Dane was recently romping around the dog run. “If it’s the noise, don’t move by the park!”

And Quinn might have a point. Signs posted at the dog run near Fourth Avenue between Third and Fourth streets say that it is open until 10 pm. Also, the space existed before the building was completed. To top it off, there is a skate park right next to the dog run where kids are making a ruckus attempting flip tricks and gnarly k-grinds.

Shockingly, this was not first airborne egg incident — there have been at least two others since December.

Norman also noted that someone — not a parks worker — installed a padlock to one of the dog run entrances, further arousing suspicions that the culprit was the type of person who laughs at the end of “Old Yeller.”

Still, Norman was able to look on the sunny side of the whole mystery.

“We’re in Park Slope, so at least you know they’re organic eggs,” she said.

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