Marine Park residents challenge cops

Marine Park residents want answers from the 63rd Precinct about a series of robberies.

“I’m not happy that there’s been nine robberies since November. I want to know, what are you doing about it? You have no arrests, you have no descriptions,” Marine Park Civic Association President Greg Borruso challenged at the group’s meeting last week, held at P.S. 222 on Quentin Road.

Reached by phone, Community Affairs Officer Theresa McElroy told this paper, “We’re doing everything we can do.”

Borruso’s statements followed McElroy’s exit from the meeting, where she acknowledged a string of unsolved robberies in Marine Park.

“We had some robberies, seven robberies since November in Marine Park. There have not been arrests,” McElroy admitted.

Borruso fumed about the incidents, saying, “There was an armed robbery on Avenue S and East 37th Street last week where three 17-year-old kids were held up and they took their money and jewelry.”

Borruso encouraged local residents to attend the 63rd Precinct’s Community Council meetings to demand answers from cops about these crimes and why they remain unsolved.

McElroy said some of the robberies have been particularly dangerous — because victims are fighting back.

“Some of the reports I hear, the victims are arguing with them,” the officer said. “I ask that you give that property up. It’s not worth your life.”

“Run into a store and ask someone to call 911,” McElroy advised.

Robberies aren’t the only tough-to-solve crimes rocking Marine Park.

“There’s been a lot of auto theft,” McElroy explained.

“If you own a Honda Accord, sell it,” Borruso chimed in.

“Yeah,” McElroy agreed.