Marine Pk. Hallow walk — only for the brrr-ave

Marine Pk. Hallow walk — only for the brrr-ave

If you thought a sun-kissed day couldn’t send shivers down your spine, then you probably missed Saturday’s spooktacular Halloween haunted walk at Marine Park.

By the light of the yellow orb, Halloween trick-or-treaters donned their scariest, most whimsical costumes and headed for the emerald empire along Avenue U where they put their eeriest foot forward alongside other intrepid critters to celebrate the year’s zaniest day with a rip roarin’ revel coordinated by the Marine Park Civic Association and the Parks Department.

Thankfully big, brrr-ave dad Ted was there for tremulous lil’ trick or treater Gianna Maisano, who clung to him for dear life as ghouls and other ghastlies passed her by right and left. Nearby, bewitching Sabrina Gurebich and Regina Agassian toiled over a cauldron of wriggly things while guillotine gal Marisa Cirino lay in waiting for fear-not frolickers ready to put their necks on the chopping block.

The spine-tingling sights were part of the annual — nerve-jangling — jaunt, which came complete with an eye-popping assortment of fearsome folk doing their devilish darnedest to entertain the happy, horrified hordes while setting their goose bumps-a-rising. No small task, indeed.

The professionally designed walkway featured plenty of eerific eye candy, including a headless horseman, Snow White snoozing in an elaborate glass coffin, a pink fairy and the Grim Reaper — all of them eliciting non-stop shrieks from shaky thrill seekers who stopped exercising their lungs long enough to accept treats being doled out along the stroll.

Fearless frolickers howled in delight as creepy characters, poised in the bushes, waited for just the right moment to pop out and frighten ’em — all in good fun, of course.

— Shavana Abruzzo