Marty on the menu! Local deli honors Beep with beef

Marty on the menu! Local deli honors Beep with beef
The Marty Markowitz sandwich at Pierre’s Deli is cloyingly sweet and a bit overstuffed — but that makes sense, no?
The Brooklyn Paper / Barry Shifrin

Windsor Terrace locals are certainly excited about their new neighbor, Marty Markowitz, but one man is going the extra mile.

In honor of its new neighbor, the owner of Pierre’s Deli on the corner of 16th Street and 10th Avenue will start selling, “The Marty Markowitz,” a grilled roast beef, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions and Peter Luger steak sauce all piled high on a toasted hero roll — a steal at $8.65.

But how good is it? Could this sandwich be worthy of a borough president?

One bite and Editor Gersh Kuntzman was convinced.

“At first, the caramelized onions seem too sweet, but, hey, that’s Marty — to meet him is to love him at first bite,” Kuntzman said. “But as you keep chewing, the flavors become more complex. Fresh mozzarella was a good choice, because it, like Marty, is always concerned about its fat content. That said, it ends up losing to the roast beef, which is heavy and overbearing. But the toasted bread offers a crusty, likeable, exterior. This sandwich is the culinary embodiment of our borough president.”

Stephen Brown, senior reporter, also saw political themes at work.

“It is a heavy sandwich, no doubt — there may actually be a pound of grilled roast beef on this sandwich,” he said. “The steak sauce adds sweetness, which clashes with the dashes of balsamic vinegar. Overall, it is surprisingly bland considering its size, but certainly a hearty meal that is appropriate for the borough’s highest elected official.”

Our cub reporter Barry Shifrin, thought that this sandwich was the classic political shell game.

“It looks impressive, but with all the ingredients, you’d think you’d get more pop,” he said. “There is an element of ‘style over substance’ here. But one thing, though: the more bites I took, the better it tasted.”

Is that like the third-term Markowitz or not? You’ll have to eat it for yourself.

— Stephen Brown

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