Money woes for CB13

Community Board 13 fears it will be “decimated” by another round of budget cuts.

“The mayor instituted four percent cuts for most city agencies for this year. Next year, it’s an eight percent cut. This is on top of cuts from the preceding plans,” explained Marion Cleaver, chair of Community Board 13, which represents Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Homecrest and Seagate.

If Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City Council pass next year’s cut, which would go into effect this July, Community Board 13 would lose a total of $17,000, Cleaver said.

The board’s Coney Island office will feel the hit.

“Either there’s going to be no pencils, no paper, no copier, no postage machine or minus one person,” Cleaver said.

The office has three employees — a district manager, assistant district manager and part-time secretary.

District Manager Chuck Reichenthal makes staffing decisions.

“I’m waiting patiently to see what the final status is from the city. I’m hoping we’re not going to be too decimated in terms of staff,” Reichenthal said.

To preserve the staff, Reichenthal plans to cut corners in office supplies.

“If we have to use stamps instead of a stamp machine, we will manage, but we will do most of our mailing through e-mail considering the majority of people have e-mail and others can be reached by telephone if need be,” Reichenthal explained. “I know there are things we are going to do without but we will manage. We will not let the community down.”

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