More attacks on fancy gas-guzzlers

Window smash

A hooligan smashed the windshield of a 1996 Lexus left on St. Marks Avenue on Nov. 17 — continuing a disturbing pattern of vandalism against fancy and/or gas-guzzling cars in Prospect Heights and Park Slope in recent weeks.

A 44-year-old motorist parked the luxury car between Underhill and Washington avenues at midnight. When he returned to his vehicle at 9:15 am the next morning, he discovered that the the front windshield was damaged.

Vandals have attacked at least 15 SUVs, minivans and luxury cars in Park Slope and Prospect Heights since Nov. 4, according to police.

Uniform grab

A thief looking for a new set of duds broke into a car on Underhill Avenue on Nov. 9 — swiping a uniform belonging to a New York State employee.

The 51-year-old victim said he left his car between Sterling and St. Johns places at 9:30 am. When he returned a few hours later, his car door was broken and his uniform, shield and Motorola radio were missing, said cops, who did not disclose the victim’s agency affiliation.

Bike bilk

A thief gershed a barely used bike chained to a Lincoln Place building.

The owner of the $350 Schwinn told police that he had locked up his two-wheeler between Washington and Underhill avenues back on July 1, but he didn’t realize it was missing until Nov. 9.