Mugged by his own drug dealer!

Pot stealer

A marijuana seller threatened to stab his customer in the neck inside a Seigel Street building on Sept. 11 before robbing him and fleeing the scene.

The drug dealer entered the building near Bushwick Avenue with his client at 12:30 am — but the tables turned when he slammed his victim against the wall, threatening, “You’re going to get shanked in here.”

The victim did not get “shanked” but was shaken, surrendering his iPhone and $20, before the perp fled the building.


Three thugs robbed, choked and pistol-whipped a victim and his girlfriend as they were walking into his Bedford Avenue apartment on Sept. 10.

The perps approached the victim near S. Sixth Street at 4:55 pm, as he tried to open his apartment door. One thug pushed him while brandishing a gun, demanding, “Give me your s—! Take everything out of your pockets.”

The first thug struck the woman’s head with his gun, and the other perp started choking the man until he went unconscious.

The three perps fled in a late model Mercedes down S. Fifth Street with $50 and her purse.

Techno take

A tech-savvy thief broke into a Manhattan Avenue apartment on Sept. 10, stealing two computers and $4,000.

The thief entered the front door of the apartment near Scholes Street after its tenant left at 11 am. When he returned to his apartment at 6:40 pm, he found his stuff was stolen.

Motorbike steal

A thief stole a motorcycle from S. Third Street overnight on Sept. 9.

The owner told cops that he had parked the bike near Keap Street at 8 pm, but it was gone when he returned to it at 9 the next morning.

Morgan burglary

A thief stole two laptops from a Morgan Avenue apartment while its tenant was away overnight on Sept. 10.

The thief broke into the apartment after 7 pm and took the computers. When the resident returned at 2:25 am the next morning, he found that several windows were open, the door was open and his stuff was missing from the unit, which is near Grattan Street.

Camera sly

A thief broke into a car parked on Driggs Avenue on Sept. 11 and stole a camera and other goodies.

The thief smashed the car’s window between 4:30 and 7:30 am near N. First Street, and helped himself to the camera, a tool bag and several electronic devices.

Moore money

Two crooks robbed three men of cash and booze after threatening to shoot them dead on Moore Street on Sept. 11.

The perps approached the victims as they were walking home near Graham Avenue at 9:28 pm, and ordered them to lie flat on the ground.

“Hey guys, put all your stuff on the floor, I’ve got a gun, you wanna get shot?” one thug yelled before the victims obliged.

The thieves got away with $215 and a bottle of whiskey.

Sleep theft

A burglar broke into a Grand Street apartment and stole an iPod on Sept. 12, before its tenant woke up and chased him out.

The thief broke into the apartment near Graham Avenue through its bathroom window at 6:10 am, while its tenant was asleep. Before he could leave, the victim woke up, screamed, and chased him out of her apartment 20 minutes later.

Pick pocket

A disreputable thief snatched an 81-year old woman’s purse on Leonard Street as she was food shopping.

The thief grabbed the woman’s pocketbook at 12:50 pm and fled down Moore Street.

Chevy crook

A perp stole a Chevrolet parked on S. Eighth Street on Sept. 12.

The owner told cops that he parked near Berry Street at 11 am and returned 11 hours later.

Bike phone

A cycling perp stole a woman’s iPhone right out of her hand on Havemeyer Street on Sept. 7.

The perp rode up to his victim from behind at 7:50 pm while she was walking her dogs near Grand Street. He snatched the phone and rode away.