Neighborly chat comes to blows

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Fort Greene — Clinton Hill

Neighborly chat comes to blows

A casual chat between two neighbors became violent on Fleet Walk on May 22.

Police said the victim was sitting on a bench near Tillary Street late in the early hours of the morning, sharing a drink and conversation with an acquaintance, when she casually reminded her buddy that she owed her some money. Her neighbor got angry and started yelling, then swung a beer bottle at the victim’s face, leaving her swollen and in pain.

The victim refused medical treatment on the scene.

Electric bicycle stolen from street

Someone stole an electric bicycle that had been locked up on Washington Avenue on May 14.

The victim told police that he had locked an e-bike he rented from Zoomo near Lafayette Avenue at around 6am. By the time he returned at 10am, a jerk had sawed through the bike lock and jetted off with the bike, which was nowhere to be found. 

Dirtbag driver steals delivery

A delivery driver made off with an expensive package rather than delivering it to its rightful owner on Adelphi Street on May 22.

Police said the victim was supposed to receive a package with expensive Canon camera equipment from an Uber delivery driver, who picked the gear up from a friend in Manhattan at 10:50am. But he waited and waited in his apartment near Willoughby Avenue and, even though he got a notification that the delivery had been completed, never received the items. He searched the area in case the tech had been dropped off at the wrong stoop, but came up emptyhanded.

Pickpocket steals from restaurant employee

A pickpocket pinched a wallet from an employee’s purse during her shift at a Carlton Avenue restaurant on May 22.

The victim said she was busy working at Los Tacos near Myrtle Avenue at around 7:30pm when someone stole her wallet, which contained her debit card, high school ID, and $200 in cash from her purse. 

Cops arrested the alleged thief a few days later, after the restaurant’s owner, who witnessed the incident, pointed him out to an officer. The police allegedly found the stolen property in the perp’s possession when he was taken in.

Ford filched

A carjacker stole a 2006 Ford that had been parked on Clermont Avenue sometime bewteen May 13 and May 19.

Police said the victim parked and locked the vehicle near Lafayette Avenue at about 11am on Friday, May 13. When he returned the following Thursday morning, it was as if the car had never been there at all — there was no broken glass and the victim said he had all the keys to the vehicle with him. License plate recognition had spotted the car on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on May 14, but it hadn’t been seen since then.