Night trip to Manhattan? Don’t take the Brooklyn Bridge

Night trip to Manhattan? Don’t take the Brooklyn Bridge
Courtesy of the Carbon County Museum

If you’re planning a late-night excursion into Manhattan, fuhgeddabout taking the Brooklyn Bridge.

Beginning on Monday, April 4, all Manhattan-bound lanes on John Roebling’s historic span will again be closed nightly as the city continues with its mammoth $508-million paint job and rehabilitation project that won’t be completed until 2014.

Brooklyn-bound lanes, as well as the walking path and bike lane, will remain open.

The Manhattan-bound lanes will be closed weekdays from 11 pm to 6 am; Saturdays from 12:01 am to 7 am; and Sundays from 12:01 am to 9 am. During those hours, all Manhattan-bound traffic will be diverted to the Manhattan Bridge or “other crossings,” according to the Department of Transportation.

All traffic lanes will remain open during peak hours, the agency said, during the project, which will rehabilitate the span’s ramps and approaches and paint its steel components to prevent corrosion.

The rehab project — the Brooklyn Bridge’s first in two decades — promises to eventually reduce congestion for the 100,000 drivers who cross the span every day.

Until then, expect a larger-than-normal late-night traffic snarl along already jammed Flatbush Avenue and Tillary Street.

The project has closed the Manhattan-bound lanes for a few weekends this year, but few people seem to be noticing about all the extra cars on neighborhood streets.

“We haven’t gotten any complaints,” said Robert Perris, the district manager of Community Board 2.