Roebling assault

A perp hit two victims, one with a pair of nunchucks, in a scuffle outside Roebling Street on Nov. 12.

The perp approached his first victim as a crowd was hanging on the corner of S. Third Street at 4:20 am, and hit him in the face. The victim’s sister then hit the perp back, but the perp pulled out the pair of martial arts knockers and struck her on her cheek.

He then got into a Honda Accord and fled down Roebling Street.

Cheers robbery

A thug robbed a man as he was entering the Cheers Hotel on Broadway and Hooper Street on Nov. 9.

The perp shouted, “Open the door!” and pushed his victim, a 20-year-old hotel worker, inside the hotel at 8:50 pm.

He pulled out a knife and demanded money. The victim surrendered $300 and the perp fled into the night.

ATM withdrawal

A thief drilled into a Bushwick Avenue bodega on Nov. 8 taking 30 cartons of cigarettes and more than $16,000 from an ATM in front of the building.

The store’s owner left his business near Cook Street at 10:30 pm, but when he returned at 8 am the next day, he found $300 worth of calling cards, the cigarettes and $170 missing. The ATM had been busted open.

Grand burglary

A thief broke into a Grand Street apartment on Nov. 9 and stole a computer, iPod, and TV.

The thief forced his way through the front door of the apartment near Roebling Street at 7 pm, when the tenant’s neighbors heard a commotion in the hallway.

The tenant discovered the crime two hours later.

Computer snatch

A perp snatched a bag containing a laptop on McKibbin Street on Nov. 9.

The perp sneaked up on a woman from behind at 11:20 am, grabbed the bag, and fled down Bogart Street before she knew what happened.

Toyota break-in

A thief broke into a Toyota parked on Ainslie Street and stole $6,000 worth of property.

The driver parked her car near Union Street at 6 pm on Nov. 10. When she returned at 11 am the next morning, she found a passenger-side window broken and her jewelry, clothing, and chain bracelet gone.

Phone stick-up

A perp stole a phone from his 11-year-old victim on Broadway on Nov. 12.

The perp approached his victim from behind at 2:50 pm and took the device, before fleeing down Union Avenue.

Semper cry

An unpatriotic perp broke into a car belonging to a 22-year-old Marine, stealing his deployment bag, uniform, boots and even his birth certificate overnight on Nov. 12.

The soldier told cops that he’d parked his car on Scholes Street near Lorimer Street at 9:30 pm and returned to it at 4:30 am the next day to find a rear window broken and his property gone.

Pocket robbery

Four thugs stole an iPhone on Nov. 14 as its owner was walking from the Morgan Avenue train station.

The perps wearing hooded sweatshirts approached their victim as he was walking down Harrison Place at 5:35 pm. One asked, “What’s in your pockets?” while simulating a firearm under his sweatshirt. The victim pulled out his phone, the perp snatched it, and the group fled toward Flushing Avenue.