Pellet gun madman loose in Slope

BB rebozo

A gunman fired a pellet at a man as he walked with his family on Fourth Avenue on Dec. 3, striking him in the head and sending him to the hospital with a minor injury.

The victim, 44, told cops that he was on the block between First and Carroll streets at around 9:30 pm when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head — the result of a small metal BB striking him.

He took himself to Methodist Hospital on Sixth Street, where he was treated for the minor cut.

Cops are looking for the sniper.

Model behavior

A fashionista had her bag stolen from a Sixth Avenue set on Dec. 4, losing electronics and some very fancy eyeglasses.

The 43-year-old photographer was on the shoot at around 2 pm when she put her bag down. But 30 minutes later, the bag, with a camera, computer equipment and a $1,200 pair of glasses, was gone.

Burg town

At least two homes were burglarized last week:

• A thief used a fire escape to enter an 11th Street apartment and steal a laptop, jewelry and electronics on Dec. 3. The tenant said she left the window open a crack when she left at 9:30 am, and discovered a mess at the house, which is between Seventh and Eighth avenues, 10 hours later. Closer inspection revealed the missing computer, $1,500 necklace and two cameras.

• A thief broke into an Eighth Avenue apartment on Nov. 29, stealing a computer and lots of electronic games. The tenant said he was not in the house, which is between Eighth and Ninth streets, between 9 am and 8:30 pm, when he returned to find all the stuff gone.

Biz briefs

At least businesses were broken into during normal hours:

• A thief swiped a wallet from a worker inside a city social service office on Fourth Avenue on Dec. 1. The worker told cops that she was at the facility, which is at Pacific Street, from 1:20 to 9 pm, when she discovered that her wallet was gone.

• A shoplifter stole 24 fancy shirts from the American Apparel store on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 29. Workers said that the thief entered at 5:50 pm, grabbed the two-dozen Oxford shirts, valued at close to $1,500, and ran out.

Car talk

At least four cars were broken into or stolen:

• A thief swiped spools of copper wire from a Con Ed truck on Sackett Street on Nov. 28. The driver told police that he was parked between Fourth and Fifth avenues at around 11 pm when the metal head took the two, 25-foot caddies of today’s gold — copper. The metal is worth $500.

• A thief grabbed a bag out of a Nissan on Sixth Avenue on Dec. 1. The victim said she had parked near Sackett Street at around 3 pm, but when she returned an hour later, her laptop, camera and other peripherals was gone.

• A Texan lost her Acura in the big city last week. The Austin resident told cops that she’d parked on Montgomery Place on Nov. 30, but returned to the spot between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West on Dec. 4 to find the fancy wheels gone.

• A thief swiped $5,000 out of a car on Bergen Street on Nov. 28. The victim claimed that she left that much cash in the car when she parked at around 12:30 pm near Fourth Avenue. And she claimed it was gone when she returned 90 minutes later.— Gersh Kuntzman