PETA’s claws losing their point

A left wing newspaper in a heavily Democrat county asked if PETA is still relevant. By 59% to 44% the voters shouted No! It is no longer relevant. Many readers want to know what nude women have to do with animals. I don’t know but some of us just love to watch and photograph those unclothed demonstrations.

Animal rights activists demonstrated outside of a Cheesecake Factory last month. Nude women covered in fake blood lied on the ground while others held signs that read “MEAT IS MURDER”.Inside the restaurant it was business as usual.


While layoffs at the big companies are getting the attention, firms with fifty employees or less account for 45% of the U.S. jobs lost since the recession began in 2007. Much of the proposed new tax increases are on these smaller businesses. How is that supposed to help create more jobs?

In 1959, 60% of America said they favored a ban on handguns. Fast forward fifty years to today when, according to Mr. Gallup, 71% are opposed to bans on handguns. Weapons and ammunition sales are better than ever. How do you feel about that?

I get a bit bothered talking to people who say “you know” after every sentence. No I don’t know. If I did I wouldn’t be asking. I’m not alone. A Marist Poll tells us that 25% of Americans consider “You know” the most annoying expression in the English language. 11% find “It is what it is” most grating. 7% hate “anyway” and number one, at 47%, the most irritating part of a conversation is the one word “Whatever.”

Anyway, you are free to disagree but, you know, it is what it is. It’s not? Whatever.

During the very last week of 2009 the pollsters over at Rasmussen revealed the following: Only 29% of America’s voters believe that the Republic is heading in the right direction. That’s the lowest level measured since the early part of the year. 65% believe that we are heading down the wrong track. 67% of voters expect Obamacare to pass this year. Expecting it to pass and wanting it to pass are two different things. Only 41% of voters favor the health care bill while the 55% who are opposed do not want our elected officials cramming it down our throats. 57% of voters nationwide say it would be better to pass no health care reform bill this year instead of passing the bill currently being considered by congress. 66% prefer a smaller government with lower taxes. In several important areas 60% trust their own judgment more than Obama’s and according to another recent Rasmussen survey, only 45% of America would vote for him if the election was held right now. 49% say that they would not. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net saying that unless the man in the White House hits a few grand slams in the next couple of years it will be very likely that he will be a one termer. We’ll see.

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